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Name: Tanya
Age: 20

Top Ten Movies (in no particular order):
1.The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, (1994)
2.The Warriors, (1979)
3.Harold and Maude, (1971)
4.Pumpkin, (2002)
5.Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, (2000)
6.The Last Dragon, (1985)
7.Gidget, (1959)
8.The Philadelphia Story, (1940)
9.Do The Right Thing, (1989)
10.Freeway, (1996)


Feb. 14th, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
It wasn't about finding "the one." It was about accepting the faults of the one you have. The film itself was refreshing and felt modern to me, despite the brief misogynistic moments.

That is why I love it too. It's not that Tracy and Dexter are perfect people - they're not! But they're the only ones who know enough about themselves and each other to ever make it work. The misogyny bothers me, but I think despite those undertones it's actually a very progressive movie. (And Cary Grant helps too.)

Of course she ends up falling for Moondoggie, but she doesn't let it consume her or change who she is (my pet peeve with Grease).

My mother still won't let us watch Grease because of that! Have you ever seen The Reluctant Debutante? It's another Sandra Dee movie, and while it is fluffy in the extreme and very much a fairy tale, it has the same theme about not letting a guy change you.