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The Oscars-- How Many Have You Seen?

Wow, so, it seems like we totally missed the Oscar Buzz yesterday, and to be honest, I haven't seen a lot of it on my Friends' List, so I thought this would be fun to do.

To non-members or current applicants: Please feel welcome to vote in this poll! We'd love to get more responses than just our limited community.

How Many Have You Seen?Collapse )

Do you have any favorites or picks for Oscars? Any movies you loved that got snubbed?

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Thank you.
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I just got back from seeing Teeth, and I have to say that this movie probably topped Kondom des Grauens for hilarity.

And it made me think about a genre of films that doesn't get a lot of appreciation-- the deliberately-hilariously bad film. Like Teeth and pretty much every Troma film ever made.

What hilariously bad films do you like?

Activity poke!

Hey, guys, so, we haven't had much going on! I'm afraid I've been busy all week too, so no updates from me-- I'm probably going to see Twenty-Seven Dresses tomorrow morning mainly because I adore Katherine Heigl. Not expecting much, but hey, there is definitely a place for romantic comedies.

So, a couple things:

1) Get your friends to apply! We are friendly and pain-free!
2) Please feel free to post your own discussion topics! I will try to tag them if you do not!
3) What's your favorite movie you've seen recently in the theater or on TV/DVD? Mine right now is probably Charlie Wilson's War, The Great Debaters, or Persepolis

Thoughts on some recent movies seen.

Within the last week or so, I've had the opportunity to watch a number of movies. Some, I'd never had the privilege of viewing, some were repeats. I thought I'd scribble down a few things for you fine folks.

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Sneak Preview of Cloverfield

So, the first screening in the country of JJ Abrahm's Cloverfield was last night at Michigan State University. Or at least said the security gaurd when he threatened us with federal offenses for piracy.

Mostly spoiler free thoughts below, because the plot is rather thin to begin with. Don't see this movie on the big screen if jerky movie motions make you sick. Definately don't see it on IMAX (I don't think they're showing it on IMAX, but it's the principle of the thing.)

My mostly spoiler free thoughts on CloverfeildCollapse )

What makes you want to watch?

This past weekend, I saw There Will Be Blood, which was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, a filmmaker whose movies I generally find to have strong characters, but tend to plod along a bit and drag pacing-wise.  It starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano, both of whom I like very much as actors (of course Paul Dano's career is somewhat shorter). 

Anyway, it got me thinking, and this is not a spoiler for the film:

What makes you want to see a movie?

Do you go to a movie because you love the director?  How about the cast?  Are you mainly lured in by plot or special effects and a good cast or director is just a plus for you?

How about if you really dislike most of an actor or director's work, but you really like someone else they are working with?  For example, if you hate the director but love the actor, will you go?  What if you hate the actor but love the director?

Does who produced the movie play any part for you-- if you know the producer is someone whose tastes you generally like?  How about the screenwriter?

If a movie is a genre you usually don't like, but is directed by/starring someone you do, do you go?  How about if it's an adaptation of a book you really like, but you dislike the casting? 

A question to members about I Am Legend

This is a question regarding a scene in the recent Will Smith film, I Am Legend.

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So what do you guys think?

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Hey again, y'all.

Name: Jonn
Age: 23
Top Ten Movies:
1. Sansho the Bailiff, (1954)
2. Werckmeister Harmonies, (2000)
3. The Fountain, (2006)
4. Salo, (1975)
5. The Virgin Spring, (1960)
6. Mother, (1926)
7. Casual Relations, (1973)
8. Baraka, (1992)
9. The Color of Pomegranates, (1968)
10. Sleeping Beauty, (1959)