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cineholics's Journal

Addicted to Moving Pictures
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Application-based discussion group for Movies, movies, and more movies.
Welcome to cineholics.

Sister Site to libraholics

Cineholics is a community for individuals who love to watch and discuss movies. We're looking to build a close-knit community of people with diverse interests and similar standards. We're really interested in people who can provide fresh, interesting perspectives for recommendations and discussion. This is also a place to learn about movies. Having limited knowledge of movies is okay, as long as you show a desire and willingness to learn and contribute. If you're looking for a film community that is serious about movies without being pretentious and snooty, this might be the place for you.

To Apply:
Upon joining the community, please post a list of your top 10 movies. These should be movies that you not only love, but movies that have some kind of enduring merit (to you) that you feel is worthy of discussion. These can be any movies you want as long as they are not currently showing in theaters.*

In addition, you may include up to two movies you have seen recently at the bottom of your application that you enjoyed, as an optional recommendation. You will not be questioned about these movies.

All the movies on your list should be movies that were originally shown in theaters, not straight-to-DVD or television movies. Once you are in the community, DVD and TV releases are certainly welcome when they are pertinent to a discussion.

*Why no current movies? How can I tell if a movie is in theaters?

Since movies can be a very time-sensitive subject and voters must vote on applications, we don't want anyone to be spoiled in the process of reading your application and your challenge answers. The cutoff date is for anything that has a US release date of six months ago or earlier. It may still be playing in theaters, but if it's been out for that long, we assume anyone who has really wanted to see it has probably had the chance. The one exception is if the movie is newer than six months but is already widely available on DVD.

Guidelines for Applicants:

o1. Until you are stamped as a member, you should not comment within the community other than on your own application or an official "Contact the Mods" post.

o2. Please post just your list of 10, without rambling introductions or explanations. If you would like to introduce yourself, limit it to something like "Hi, I'm [your name here]."

o3. The format we would like for your list is included below. If you would like to write it out yourself, that is okay, too, but it must include the movie title in bold, underline, or italics and the year of release.** You may also optionally include the director's name, country of origin, or anything else you think is pertinent, but don't feel obliged.

**Why do I need the year?

There are often several movies with the same name. While there is only one Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, there are twenty-seven movies called Beauty and the Beast listed on IMDB. We need to know which you have seen! Also, this allows the moderators to more easily check your list for current releases.

o4. Members will reply to your application, either to vote "Yes" or "No," or to pose a challenge. Please try to answer challenges when they are posed. Ignoring challenges is the fast track to a "No" vote. If the challenge is too difficult, confuses you, requires you to have seen a movie you haven't seen, or poses a problem for some other reason, please just either the challenger know as soon as possible so they can pose another question.

Note: If you feel as if you've been given too many challenge questions to reasonably answer, just drop a note to the mods and we will take this into consideration. Some people will get more questions than other people, so we understand if you get overwhelmed. If you need help deciding which to answer, we'll be happy to make suggestions as well.

o5. If your application gets rejected, your membership in the community will be removed. You will be able to re-apply after 6 months, but your list should be significantly different.

o6. Once an application is posted, it will remain open for 7 days before being stamped. If all members have cast a vote before 7 days have passed, the application may be stamped before 7 days have passed.

o7. To be stamped as a member, 75% of the votes on your application must be 'Yes' votes.

Guidelines for Members:

o1. When posing challenges to applicants, you should be able to justify them in relation to the list. For example: "All of the films on your list are romantic films; please list your top five movies in other genres" is an acceptable question; "Please list your top five movies from La Nouvelle Vague" is not.

o2. The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone from the community for being an asshat. This community will work on a warning system. You will be warned if your behavior is considered rude or inappropriate. If the behavior continues, you will be removed.

o3. Please keep in mind the message from the mission statement: This community is for people who want to learn more about movies. If a member does not know how to answer your challenge question, please feel free to give them another. Not knowing about the "right kinds" of movies is not an acceptable reason for rejection; not caring to learn about other movies, or not being able to discuss the movies one does enjoy are suitable reasons for rejection.

o4. Once you are a stamped member, feel free to make any on-topic posts you desire. If a post is not on-topic, a moderator will comment and request that you delete it. If the post is particularly obnoxious or offensive the mods may delete it themselves. Please browse the community tags to search for previous questions and discussions.

o5. Once you are a member, please use your best judgment concerning spoilers. Even some old movies can be spoiled, and while it's less likely to happen, a lot of good suspense or mystery movies really can be ruined if you know the ending. If you must post spoilers, include a warning and the actual spoiler must be behind a cut.

A list of all stamped members can be found here.

Your moderators are teaberryblue and cacophonesque. You can contact them here.

Rules adapted from libraholics with permission. Thank you!